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Stroud,Gloucestershire, England, UK


Here is the nitty-gritty of how my 

‘Owning ART’ payment plan works.  

 Would you like to pay for your painting in instalments? 

Contact me by clicking the envelope above.

How does paying in instalments work?

After you have paid your deposit I will contact you to set up a direct debit instruction using GoCardless Ltd for the remaining amount until the total payment of the painting plus p&p has been paid. 

ALL PAYMENT STRUCTURES OFFER AN INTEREST FREE FIXED TERM. You are simply paying me for the painting and p&p over an extended period of time.

Payment Plans Available

My payment plans allow you to pay a deposit which is an approximately a third of the price of the painting. The rest of your payments will be between £90 a month up to £125 a month depending on the size of your painting. 

By paying your deposit you have committed to pay for the total cost of the painting plus p&p costs. You are confirming that you agree to my terms and conditions. You can find the full T&C's of my shop policy at the end of this page. 

My 'Owning Art' payment plan is not related to, or associated in any way with any other payment plan. I have created this payment plan for my artwork to make it easier for my customers to buy the art they love.

Peace of mind. Who is the Direct Debit with?

GoCardless Ltd provide online payment processing services to businesses. Go Cardless Ltd offers web-based payment gateways and allows businesses to bill their customers using bank-to-bank transfer. GoCardless hosts secure and fully-compliant payment pages.

More peace of mind - I am not allowed to fill in the payment pages on my customer’s behalf.

Due to strict rules around Direct Debit, you, the customer must fill in your payment details and go through the sign-up process yourself. My name will appear on your bank statement along with GoCardless so you can see when your money is being taken.  

Your payments will go straight from your bank account into mine for the fixed term of either 3 months, 5 month or 8 months. This term will be set in the payment plan I send you. I cannot change the length of the term or the amount taken once you have filled in and agreed to the direct debit instruction.

What happens after I have paid the deposit? I will send you the link to your ‘Owning Art’ payment plan and you can do the rest. You, the customer, enter your bank details online via the GoCardless site. The Direct Debit* only lasts for the term of the outstanding balance of the painting. Which is either a 3 month term, a 5 month term or an 8 month term depending on the cost of your artwork.

When will I receive the painting? I will send you personal emails and communicate with you during this whole process. Two things must happen before I can send the painting. The monies paid at checkout must have cleared (your deposit is your commitment to purchase the painting at its full advertised value) I will then send you an email and a direct debit instruction for the remaining monies as specified in the payment plans above. Once you have set up the direct debit instruction I will take great care in sending the painting to the address you have given me.


What happens if I stop payments?

Retention of Title Clause (iii) the goods delivered remain the property of the seller until they are paid for in full** see full T&C's below

*A mandate (also known as a "Direct Debit Instruction" or "Direct Debit Request") is set up on a customer's bank account when a Direct Debit is authorised for a specific merchant (Melanie Cormack-Hicks Fine Artist) via the GoCardless online form.

You can find the full terms and conditions of my shop's policy here.